THANK YOU everyone who was with us in Birmingham for another wonderful event…to our brilliant guests and educators; your contributions were outstanding and the word I heard the most from everyone describing the seminars, talks and demos was ‘Inspired!’ and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Neill Gorton

To the event team who worked tirelessly to pull it together and make it a happy, fun and friendly place. To all the and staff from our sister companies and the great volunteers who give their time to help, to the Bolton University SVFX department who did such a fantastic job running the education stage, everyone who contributed to the Monster Mash exhibition and all those who picked up a brush, dragged along a willing victim and created make ups in both the Application Station, Body Art Zone and on exhibitor stands. Your work was stunning and your contribution is vital to the success of the event. To all our exhibitors who offered discounts and prizes and gave their customers such a friendly and positive experience.

For me the event was just a glorious day. It was also great to see so many families, kids and young people there and I was so impressed by some as young as 13 and 14 who brought portfolios and asked great questions – future talents who may be doing their own makeups at the event in the very near future judging by what I saw. I think the thing I am most proud of was the overall atmosphere. So many people said how friendly, happy and joyful the day and the atmosphere were. Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and came along bringing smiles on their faces and positive attitudes. You made the event a great place to be!