THANK YOU everyone who was with us in Birmingham for another wonderful event…to our brilliant guests and educators; your contributions were outstanding and the word I heard the most from everyone describing the seminars, talks and demos was ‘Inspired!’ and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Neill Gorton

To our EPIC guests and speakers who were all absolutely fantastic! Barrie Gower & Sarah Micallef Gower and Eryn Krueger Mekash & Mike Mekash thank you SO MUCH for being so very generous with your time, talent and wisdom and giving so much of it to everyone who came to the Event. Your energy was terrific. I know we worked you guys hard all day but you took it in your stride and kept on delivering. Mike and Eryn had literally come straight from set on Thursday night to the airport and travelled on night flights, with stop overs, from the USA to arrive Friday and went straight into a crazy schedule Saturday morning and never once looked tired, stopped smiling or ran out of steam. I’m so grateful to all of you.

To our educators and speakers, Sangeet Prabhaker, Joe Nazzaro, Kate Walshe, Rob Mayor, Olivia Whitaker, Stephanie Wong, Nick Tyrrelll, Mike Dargan, Martin Rezard, Richard Martin, Andrew Whiteoak, Chris Lyons, Chris goodman, Freya Hargreaves and Lori MacGregor again, thank you for your time and dedication. You all gave us and our audiences 100%.

To our various teams behind the scenes, thank you for bringing your ‘A’ game..

The Gorton Studio Event team; Katie Gurney, Jez Marshall, Victoria Cooper, Rhiannon Blaize Kearton, Michele Bromley, Michael Pinfold, Bianca Judd, Hannah Stewart, Mona Turnbull, Amber Hertzberg.

The MFX team; Anthony Davies, Morgan Kimber, Magdalena Kulig, Ellis Hope Moore.

The Neill’s Materials team; Justin Neill, Kim Dolby Neill, Barbara Wootten, Stuart Ross McDonald, Laura Odette Phipps, Caitlin Hollyman and Katie Gibson.

To our fantastic models, volunteers, exhibitors, body artists and all those who attended who are too numerous to mention and anyone I’ve missed, there’s just so many fantastic people involved it’s difficult to pull every name together but you are appreciate hugely and I want to thank you for all your efforts to help us make it such a terrific day…. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!