“THANK YOU” has become my most uttered phrase before, during and after The Prosthetics Event and with good reason! I simply do have so many people to thank and am so incredibly appreciative. Before we shut the doors and turn out the lights on The Prosthetics Event 2014 I’d like to say one last big thank you to everyone involved.

Neill Gorton


I’ve had such lovely feedback about the cheerfulness, helpfulness and general good vibe that came from all our volunteers. Those of you I know personally you’ll hear from me soon if not already. Those of you I met for the first time on Sunday, and whom I don’t even know the name of, a heart felt thank you for hitting the ground running and helping the day go so well. You all deserve a massive cheer and a slap on the back for just ‘getting it’ and being so keen to help us make it a special day. A massive thank you to Martina Parmar Belleni for pulling together your team of local volunteers to swell the ranks and make the day go so smoothly.


All our exhibitors did something special; they all took a chance on a new event. Thank you so much for believing in us and I hope that belief paid off. Judging by the amount of you who told me you want to come back next year I’m pretty sure it did. Thank you also for entering into the spirit of focussing on education and doing so many demonstrations which just added so much extra to the day.

Educators & Artists

The generosity of all our educators, speakers and artists was incredible. Some had talked themselves hoarse by the end of the day but still had smiles on their faces. It can be nerve-wracking putting yourself up for scrutiny in front of a crowd. Again I’ll be thanking everyone personally if I haven’t already, but I still wanted to say another huge thank you for bringing so much experience and knowledge to the event and for sharing it so willingly and enthusiastically. Bravo!


To all of you who came, from far and wide, thank you. Every county and corner of the British Isles was represented at the event. I heard stories of six hour drives starting at 2am told to me with smiles on faces. Beyond that we had guests from all across Europe flying in including Finland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Then even further afield we had attendees from Israel and one very adventurous lady who came all the way from Portland, Oregon on the west coast of the USA just for this event! Lets hope your pioneering spirit encourages others from your shores to make the same trip next year. To all of you though a huge thanks. Everyone brought with them so much good humour, good vibes, great energy and enthusiasm that the whole event was positively buzzing.


My wife, who calls me mad and rolls her eyes every time I come up with some crazy idea, but still throws herself completely into making it a success. It simply wouldn’t be a success, and wouldn’t be possible, without you. x