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The Monster Mash Exhibition at The Prosthetics Event gets bigger every year and features all things prosthetic from creatures, concept designs, maquettes and moulds to makeup appliances, masks, animatronics, animals and armour. It celebrates work from a diverse range of artists from award-winners to industry aspirers and everyone in between.

Father Phantom Studio

Father Phantom is a UK-based special effects studio co-founded in 2015 by Ben Fallaize and Laura Viale Durand. They offer services for filmmakers, theatres and collectors including creature design, special effects makeup, straight makeup, life casting, wig making, props and collectibles. The pieces they’re exhibiting include the Mama Legba character bust shown here.

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Mate Jako

Mate is a London-based, award-winning illustrator from Hungary, working as a concept artist, creature designer, and editorial illustrator. His client list includes Fox Searchlight, Momentum Pictures, Alexander McQueen and Seraphim Publishing, creating limited edition film posters, concept art for film and video games, fashion prints, book covers and album covers.

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Andy Savage

Andy is a special effects and prosthetic makeup artist with over 7 years’ industry experience. He has worked on projects in TV, film and theatre as well as corporate work and teaching. He will be exhibiting his Cheetara silicone concept bust that he demoed a makeup of at last year’s event.

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Claire Golby

Claire is a freelance SFX artist with varied skills covering sculpting, hair-punching, silicone running and painting, application etc. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Makeup for Media and Performance from the Arts University Bournemouth and has since worked at Millennium FX, Rogue Creations SFX, Lifecast and The Twins FX.

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Based in Oxfordshire on the edge of the Cotswolds, an hour from London and Birmingham, Bitemakers is run by Dominic Mombrun, a traditionally trained and qualified dental technician. The company brings original and imaginative designs to film industry makeup FX artists, made through the mediums of traditional and digital dental technology.

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Andy Fordham

Andy has been a special effects artist since 2005, working in film, TV and theatre as well as fine art and product design. He says, “I love the process of creating characters whether it be as a specialist costume or a puppet, and have a particular interest in combining both traditional and digital forms of fabrication when producing them.”

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Steffi Berghmans

Steffi is a special effects and creature designer who gained a certificate in special effects at the Nederlandse Beauty School in Rotterdam. She has undertaken courses in a number of places and cites those that have influenced her most as ‘Introduction to sculpting’ at the Art Academy in London Bridge and ‘Introduction to prosthetics’ given by Stuart Bray at Titanic Creative Management in Belfast.

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James Olney

James trained under Don Lanning and Andrew Sinclair and teaches sculpture and special effects at Aylesbury College, as well as being a freelance artist. He recently completed the 7-week Make-up FX and Prosthetics Creation course at Gorton Studio to expand his abilities, has previously exhibited at IMATS and last year’s Prosthetics Event and has just been demoing at UMAE.


Stuart Conran

Stuart’s career began with Image Animation on ‘Hellraiser’. He was prosthetics designer on ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and his other film credits include ‘The Descent’, ‘The Piano’, ‘The Hours’, ‘Attack the Block’, ‘From Hell’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan’. TV work includes ‘The Peter Serafinowicz Show’, ‘Look Around You’, ‘The Tenth Kingdom’, ‘Spitting Image’ and ‘Doctor Who’.

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DDFX Studio

Coventry-based DDFX Studio provide makeup FX for film and theatre and are regular exhibitors. They have recently brought a whole host of creatures to life for indie horror ‘Book of Monsters’, and have just finished on zombie comedy ‘Zomblogalpse’. DDFX is lead by Paul Wilkins, a monster fan since childhood.

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Moises Bürgin

Born in 1973, Moises trained from1989-1990 at the School of Arts and Crafts Zürich, and in 2006 graduated as a makeup artist. For the past 10 years he has worked as a theatre sculptor at the Opera House in Zürich, and will be showing a personal creature design piece for us on November 17th.

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Crow and Ring

Crow and Ring is run by qualified, Hungarian-born dental technician Csongor Szekely-Magyari, who now lives in Bracknell, Berkshire, and is UK-registered. Csongor has around twenty years’ experience in the dental industry, and has opened a new, imaginative path to create innovative, characterised teeth in high-end quality, making his creative visions into reality.


Dean Garner

Dean is a self-taught makeup FX artist and runs ZBrothers FX with his brother Chris. For four years Dean has worked on various films from shorts to feature-length. He has provided live demos for a lot of shows around the UK, as well as providing makeup for the promotion of hit TV shows.

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Lauren Fry

Lauren is a 21-year old special effects makeup trainee studying at the University of Bolton. She enjoys specialising in creature and character makeup as well as working with hair, and hopes to pursue these paths in her professional career. Lauren will be exhibiting a 4-piece encapsulated silicone makeup with a handmade wig.

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Julian Powell

Julian (Jules) is a relative newcomer to FX, having been making work for about 3-years. He describes himself as having an over-active, creative mind and thinking outside the box! He has worked on four short films as an FX makeup artist as well as performing small acting parts, and was executive producer on one.


Millennium FX

Millennium are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of prosthetics, animatronics and makeup FX for film, television, music promos, theatre and corporate projects. Prolific on both the big and small screens, their recent film work includes ‘Slaughterhouse Rulez’, ‘Flarsky’, ‘A Private War’ and ‘The Titan,’ and TV shows such as ‘Curfew’, ‘Call the Midwife’, ‘Chicago Med’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Red Dwarf’.

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Gary Hunt

Gary is self-taught, and is thankful for the advice of many great artists. He has worked on several films, and done some workshop-based FX jobs. He got into SFX about 5 years ago whilst recovering from a kidney transplant, having been interested since watching Spitting Image, films like ‘The Thing’, ‘Aliens’, ‘The Blob’ and the Hammer Horror greats.


Sebastian Lochmann

Sebastian has worked for companies such as Warner Bros. Studios, Coulier Creatures FX Ltd., Joel Harlow Designs, Creatures Inc. Ltd., Altered States FX and BGFX, DDT SFX. His film credits include ‘Overlord’, ‘Suspiria’, ‘Justice League’, ‘Annihilation’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘The Revenant’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.


Darren Nevin

Darren was born and bred in Birmingham, specialising in fantasy and horror sculpture, silicone busts and masks. He’s self-taught, and has spent the last five years working as a creature FX sculptor on films such as ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, ‘Rogue One’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

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Hazel Sawyer

Hazel lives in Wales and has mostly been a self-employed artist since 2000. Versatile and innovative, her work includes life casting, prosthetics, sculpture, painting, makeup, mould making, fabrication, finishing, fine art and bespoke commissions. Her passion is being able to create and in 2008, she received a 1st degree hons. in fine art sculpture.

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