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This year’s Body Art Zone is competitive! Open to body artists with any level of experience, artists must incorporate a prosthetic into their work and will be judged on these criteria:

• Quality of the overall design
• Effectiveness of incorporating a prosthetic into the design
• Overall execution of finished body art including all elements

Entries will be presented in the Body Art Catwalk on the Main Stage at 4.45pm, after which the winner will be announced – the prize is a great bundle of products from our retail exhibitors.

The Body Art Zone always buzzes with high-octane creativity and the creations are always extraordinary – keep checking back as the day unfolds to see their progress.

Good luck everyone!

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Alexandra Faccini

Since 2017, Alexandra has been working with the makeup and hairstyling team at the Opera National de Lorraine. She is passionate about makeup FX and has learnt from online courses and workshops, and particularly likes to incorporate makeup FX with body paint. Alexandra hopes to continue to develop her skills to further her career.

Website  Facebook  Instagram 

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Anumta Mohsin

Anumta is currently a student at South & City College Birmingham, where she has successfully passed her Level 4, and is now progressing onto Level 5. During this time she will be performing tasks to show her skills in advanced prosthetics, period hair and makeup. She hopes to continue to develop her skills to move into work as a freelance makeup artist within the industry.

Website Instagram 

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Benjamaporn Kusita

After Benjamaporn left the British Arms Forces in 2015 she I has followed her dreams as a beauty therapist. 2016 saw her take a leap into a world of embalming where she studied with the British Institution of Embalmers. Her passion and curiosity for makeup has increased and has now lead her to studying for a BA Hons in Media Makeup and Special Effects at Bradford College. She says ‘I am a makeup artist who consistently develops artistic techniques to encourage best results. I consider myself a fearless artist willing to take creative risks and push conceptual boundaries.’


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Camille Delattre

Camille is a student at the Acte Academie in Lille, France. She is very passionate and SFX and Body Painting, and credits the school with teaching her about sculpting bodies with colour. She says ‘ I developed a real passion for body transformations with prosthetics, flowers or just makeup. I am inspired by natural elements, flowers, the forest or corals, they can open up a new universe of design.’

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Chloe Stamp

Chloe is a British Make-Up Artist and Wig Maker based in Somerset,UK.  Her makeup training all began at University Centre Somerset, completing a 3 year course to achieve a Qualification in Make-Up; a BA Hons Media Make-Up Degree. She trained in many areas  during her course but she repeatedly finds herself returning to wig making and editorial/beauty make-up as her first passion, but also feels fully self-assured that her skills in producing prosthetic pieces and body painting. She says ‘I am ready to learn and develop new skills and look forward to meeting some incredible people along the way.’

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Emily Duthie

Emily has trained at the Iver Academy and completed the Makeup FX and Prosthetics Creation course at Gorton Studio. Her main interests are prosthetics, body paint and fashion. She finds her influenced by fantasy and mythical creatures, taking inspiration books and organically lifeforms.

Website Instagram

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June Waller

June has a background in art and design and making dance costumes. She runs a face painting business, painting and providing special FX at shows, theatres, clubs, conventions and festivals, along with working with prestigious corporate clients. She has won many competitions including Body Painter of the Year at The Living Art Show 2017.

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Kae Burnell-Chambers

Kae is a body painter in Lincolnshire. She started out as an amateur Cosplayer and was introduced to the world of body painting in Spring 2014. She is currently a member of the Midlands Body Paint Project and demonstrates at public events, such as Sci-fi conventions, Horror Con’s, Comic Cons and one-off events. She tells us ‘ I love transforming people into a character and making props.’

Website Facebook

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Lisa Anderson

Lisa has previously competed in the National Student Body Painting Competition and IMATS, placing 1st and 3rd respectively. She recently attended Gorton Studio Prosthetics Bootcamp and decided to acquire a studio space. Lisa now sculpts and produces prosthetics pieces for my own projects and commissioned pieces. She tells us ‘I take inspiration from many forms whether it be from a piece of fabric to the great outdoors. I’m always looking for ideas to create makeup looks and be inspired.’


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Magdalena Wycislik

Magdalena is a London based artist who specialises in prosthetics and special effects makeup. She focuses on creating unusual forms of art trying to capture the uniqueness of human definition. Magdalena graduated University of Art in Warsaw in 2019.  She also had a pleasure to be trained by some of the greatest artists in the prosthetics industry such as; Neill Gorton, Gary Tunnicliffe and Jan Sewell. The knowledge acquired over the period of education transferred Magdalena directly into film, theatre and fashion industry. Her dynamical style could be observed in the greatest Polish Theatres but also on Paris Fashion Week and exhibitions in London.


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Mazz Loxton

Mazz is a Sheffield based hair and makeup artist and a face and body painter. Mazz has provided body art for events, photoshoots and film. She enjoys the challenge of creating unusual and unique artwork. We look forward to seeing what Mazz creates for us this year.

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Senne Oogink

Senne had always struggled to find where she ‘fit in’, until she started attending The All-Round Makeup and Hair Artist education in Arnhem. During her time at the school, she has found her passion for makeup and developed as a person. Without wanting to make it sound like too much of a cliche’ she has discovered a love for life and learning, and is looking ward to seeing where the wind will take her.

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Sian Leadbeater

Bristol based media make-up artist, Sian Anne Leadbeater, is passionate about transforming people into fantastic characters through the use of wigs, prosthetics and body paint. Her style is bold, colourful and her style combines pop culture and reflections of the contemporary world to create conceptual body art.

Website  Instagram