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The Monster Mash Exhibition by Hall 3 at The Prosthetics Event gets bigger every year and features all things prosthetic from creatures, concept designs, maquettes and moulds to makeup appliances, masks, animatronics, animals and armour. It celebrates work from a diverse range of artists from award-winners to industry aspirers and everyone in between.

Work shown above by Richard Martin.

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Laura Hamilton James

Laura’s exhibit is entitled ‘Use of the Dead to the Living’. Here she explains the concept: “After discovering technology has not eliminated the need for medical cadavers in my dissertation on bodysnatching, I decided I would see if there was a way I could use my skills to help make an informative and educational piece to demonstrate the importance of cadavers, with reference to what I learned from bodysnatching in the eighteenth century. I have made an eighteenth century scene where a body has been brought in on a cart and is in the process of being dissected for educational purposes to demonstrate what I have learnt about the importance of cadavers in medical science.”

Laura originally trained as a graphic designer and went on to producing motion graphics for the BBC, gaining a wide experience of the whole production process during her 6 years there. Working on the BBC show ‘Inside No. 9’, prompted her to pursue a career in model making, and since then she has graduated with a first class honours degree in technical arts and special effects at Wimbledon College of Art.

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Christopher Goodman

Chris has worked as a professional creature concept artist for over five years with Millennium FX. His TV credits include ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Red Dwarf’, Superman prequel ‘Krypton’ and the comic book adaption ‘Watchmen’. Feature film credits include ‘Victor Frankenstein’, ‘The Titan’, ‘Slaughterhouse Rulez’ with Simon Pegg and the upcoming ‘Minamata’ starring Johnny Depp. He has also directed a series of short horror films in collaboration with the National Film and Television School and Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio.

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Pita Maria Vaia

Vana is a creative makeup and SFX teacher from Greece who also runs her own hair and makeup freelance company called Colorillusion. Vana completed the 7-week course at Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio in 2018 and since then has been an active freelance makeup artist and an SFX teacher in her native Greece. She says: “My course helped me become successful in my career and gave the opportunities I was searching for in the makeup industry.”

Vana will be exhibiting ‘Skully’, a resin bust, representing a hybrid creation between a man and a bird, which was created during her 7-week course at Gorton Studio.

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Amy Pain

Amy is a 21-year-old special effects trainee from north Wales and has just graduated from the University of Bolton studying special effects for film and TV. She says: “I specialise as a creature designer and conceptor, although also enjoy soft surface prop-making and modelmaking and hope to pursue one these as a future career path.

Amy will be exhibiting Smilodon, and original concept using inspiration from modern big cats. She sculpted the creature herself, before casting out and intrinsically painting it in Progel 10 with a foam core, then hair punching, flocking and airbrushing it.


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Rebecca Erratt

Rebecca has gained degrees and qualifications from the National Youth Theatre, RADA and Wimbledon Art College in multiple aspects of technical theatre, sculpture, mould and prop making. She’s worked as a prop maker for the Royal Opera House, British Youth Opera and Giffords Circus, and in theatre in set designing, scenic art and set construction. Since graduating she has been working freelance with the mould shop at Madame Tussauds and as an Art Department Assistant for a BFI/BBC feature.

Rebecca’s exhibit, ‘The Transformation of Dr Jekyll’ is the result of her final years’ work studying Technical Arts and Special Effects, where she focused on figurative sculpting, silicone moulding and casting with bronze, resin and wax. It displays a representation of the characters from the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson; a depiction of how the serenity of man can be overcome by a brutal, evil force.

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Julian Powell

Julian (Jules) says: “I never really class myself anything more than a fortunate
person with a very overactive, creative mind, which initially from applying makeup badly to being fortunate to have been accepted by some of the real true talents within this industry, therefore allowing me to venture into acting, producing, script writing and modelling, which I am truly humbled and grateful to all who’ve supported me in my journey.”

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Máté Jako

Hungarian born illustrator Máté  Jako had a long career in theatre and films as an actor before he turned to illustration to create the stories he wanted to tell. Máté currently works as a freelance illustrator based in London, England. His client list includes Alexander McQueen, Sideshow Collectibles, Chris Nelson FX, and VVDFX creating concept art/creature design for film & video games, fashion prints, book covers, album covers and limited edition film posters. His work has been featured in prestigious publications including: Spectrum, Imaginefx, and 3D total’s sketching from the imagination.

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Imogen Lyman

Imogen is a third-year student at the University of Bolton, studying Special Makeup Effects for Film and Television and is displaying a highland cow head that she created entirely herself. She says: “To create this bust I sculpted in buff clay, created a fibreglass mould and cast the nose first, but I deadened the silicone to 80% to make it squidgy when touched. I used the same silicone for the skin but left it un-deadened. The bust was then filled with medium density foam. The eyes were made and painted by hand. The horns were sculpted in ZBrush and 3D printed, then painted by hand.

I covered the bust by making hair pieces and hair punching into the silicone skin. Overall, this bust took me just over 2 months (approx. 100 hrs.) to make alongside another module at university.”

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Bitemakers’ teeth will be on display in the exhibition, and you’ll also be able to see them in action on the models bringing prosthetic makeups to life for artists demoing on the Cantor and Nissel stand, The Makeup Armoury stand and the Neill’s Materials’ stand.

Oxfordhsire-based Bitemakers was envisioned, and bought to fruition by Dominic Mombrun; artist, and qualified & registered dental technician. He is a traditionally trained dental technician, who is also a big advocate in the digital dentistry industry, playing an active role in training dentists, and lecturing on digital dentistry around the UK and Europe. Dominic is one of the first to integrate his hand craft skills of traditional dental technology with the latest innovations of digital dentistry, carefully taking the first steps in modernising the industry by offering an exclusive and innovative digital/traditional service.

Dominic has recently announced his partnership with Gary Archer of GA enterprise/AA Dental, based in LA, allowing them to collectively offer a fully combined service both sides of the Atlantic. Bitemakers’ credits already include multiple Marvel productions, and Netflix and Apple productions, whilst also being lucky enough to make teeth for actors such as Cillian Murphy and Jared Leto.”

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Adrienn Csillag

Adrienn studied different aspects of theatre and film makeup at Muriani Makeup School in Budapest and Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. Her credits include ‘Kenau’ (assistant to Mariel Hoevenaars, make-up), ‘Hercules, the Thracian War’ (assistant to Connor O’Sullivan, prosthetics department), ‘The Alienist’, (make-up and prosthetics artist for extras), ‘We will Rock You’ the musical in Budapest, (make-up artist), ‘Sister Act’ the musical, (key make-up artist) and ‘The Reckoning’, (crowd beauty and prosthetics artist). She also exhibited in the 2018 IMATS London Museum.

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Charlotte Clemit

Charlotte is qualified in SFX makeup and prosthetics at BA level. She says: “My passion began in special effects and has developed into a bigger desire of sculpting, moulding, creature-making fun! I have experience from various films such as ‘A Conversation’ and ‘Flower Boy’, and am now looking for a trainee position in prosthetics. I am hardworking and determined, with a huge passion for this industry.”

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Nicola Norton-Lewry

Nicki is a mature student on a level 3 special effects make up diploma course at Bucks College Group Aylesbury Campus. She says: “Why am I back at college? Well, it’s a long story but basically watching the making of ‘Thriller’, ‘The Dark Crystal’ and ‘Labyrinth’ when I was little ignited something in me. I knew I wanted to live in that world but it never occurred to me that it could be a viable career option. I have had various jobs and never really felt fulfilled. Then aged 35 I asked myself if I had all of the money in all of the world what would I still be happy doing and it was modelmaking. I signed up to an evening course at Aylesbury and then the diploma. It was the best decision I ever made. I created Madame Zherina for my end of year project. She is a silicone head/hands soft bodied doll with glass eyes and yak hair. I’ve really got the bug now; I can’t wait to start on the next model!”


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Amaury Castagné


Amaury‘s goal in life is to seek happiness, and he describes working in this beautiful industry as ‘a dream come true’. He says: “I have learnt many things in the past two years of my life – beauty makeup, special effects and wig-making, and now I want to learn more about everything!”

He will be presenting two of his last pieces of work created as a student – a Macaca Fuscata (or Snow Monkey) and ‘Young Mandrake’ (a tribute to his love of Harry Potter), which he spent a great deal of time striving to perfect. His belief is however, that nothing is perfect and never will be, which is what makes things unique, and that In life you have to take risks and failing at something is the best way to learn and improve yourself.

Photograph: Elise Torres


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Laura Jane Stanyon

Laura is a newbie to the world of special effects and the creator of Glenn the grumpy goblin. She says: “Glenn in a hybrid blend of multiple pop culture goblins, heavily inspired by the goblins of Gringotts bank in the Harry Potter Franchise, The Hobbit, Dungeons and Dragons and a heap of my own creative flare! Having recently graduated from The University of Bolton (Special Effects for TV and Film) I am extremely driven to make my first steps into the special effects industry, whether that be sculpting creatures from clay or creating something a bit more hard surface, I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades. Whatever the material, as long as I’m creating, I’m happy.”

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Gary Hunt

Gary is self taught prosthetics artist based in the Midlands. He has worked on several films and displayed busts at the last Prosthetics Event, as well as having done a joint makeup at the second Prosthetics Event in the Application Station. He loves creating silicone busts but is equally happy making and applying prosthetic makeup. He will be exhibiting three pieces of work including a Weathered Fisherman and Demonic Vampire.

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Charlotte-Louise Pratt

Charlotte’s interest in special effects makeup first started when she saw the amazing creations on the television programme ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’. She immediately wanted to find out how these looks were created so she could recreate them herself. Subsequently, Charlotte spent three years studying Media Make-up BA (Hons) at University Centre Somerset, graduating in June 2019. She now freelances, specialising in sculpting and application, and was given the honour of representing her University demoing at the 2019 IMATS. When designing her sculptures, Charlotte often finds herself referring to nature and animals.

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Lizzi Moseley

Lizzi is 20 years of age and is currently studying SFX for film and TV at the University of Bolton, focussing mainly on creature creation and props. She says: “I have a strong passion for sculpting and learning new techniques to expand my skill set. I’m especially interested in furthering my knowledge of animatronics to bring life to my creature creations. This was the first creature bust I’ve made and I’d love to create more works like this.”


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Judit Skirka

Judit hails from Hungary and trained at Muriari Makeup School. She has worked on films in her native Hungary including ‘Szépszerelmem: Metalepsis’, ‘Medence’, ‘Csillagok, csillagok’, and Hungarian productions of musicals such as Shrek the Musical and We Will Rock you. Look out for Judit’s exhibits at the event: a scavenger hell monster and a skull head.


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Molly Jane Bowen

Molly worked with an immersive theatre company called Zed Events, where she did special effects for DAVE Channel, ITV, and Tottenham Hotspurs for a Halloween promo. After two-and-a-half years of scaring and creating apocalyptic worlds in an abandoned shopping mall with Zed, she wanted to learn more about the world of special effects…

At last year’s Prosthetics Event Molly signed on to Neill Gorton’s Makeup FX & Prosthetics Creation course in Aylesbury. During her time at Gorton Studio she created Omen, a fortune telling Alien with a haunted past. Since the course Omen has been displayed at IMATS London 2019, and Molly has made prosthetics for short sci-fi films, as well as working alongside screen combat companies.

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DDFX Studio

Coventry-based DDFX Studio provide makeup FX for film and theatre and are regular exhibitors. They have recently brought a whole host of creatures to life for indie horror ‘Book of Monsters’, and have just finished on zombie comedy ‘Zomblogalpse’. DDFX is lead by Paul Wilkins, a monster fan since childhood.

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Emilie Rodriguez

Emilie is a graduate of the University of Bolton, a Leeds lass, self-confessed nerd and SFX Trainee. She absolutely adores the special effects industry and has a love for sculpting. After growing up on ‘Alien’, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘The Evil Dead’, she realised she wanted to make a living in this industry. She says: “I hope you enjoy my work, ‘Daughter of Asmodeus’. She is inspired by my favourite Dungeons and Dragons race, the Tiefling, and I worked incredibly hard on her. She is skinned with Pro-Gel 10 silicone and backed with rigid foam. Her horns are made from Axson F160 resin. I sculpted, moulded, casted and painted every aspect of this character myself. I’m super proud of her.”

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Matthew Hart

Matthew is a Senior Electrical Design Engineer looking to fuse many years of
hobby-based art and design knowledge to transition into a career in art, with the view to specializing as an animatronics artist/designer in TV and film. He also loves carrying out all aspects of art and design including painting, sculpture, model making, mouldmaking and more recently prosthetic makeup!

He will be exhibiting his characterful alien animatronic ‘Virgil’ – his final project on the 7-week Makeup FX & Prosthetics Creation course at Gorton Studio, which he completed earlier this year.

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Father Phantom Studio

Father Phantom is a Birmingham-based special effects studio co-founded in 2015 by Ben Fallaize and Laura Viale Durand. They offer services for filmmakers, theatres and collectors.

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Matthew Bruce

Matthew studied a level 3 in art and design, and recently graduated from Bolton university in Special Effects for Film and Television. Hugely inspired by creature creation, he enjoys designing and creating creature and humanoid transformation makeups. Matthew’s main passion is in mould making and sculpting, and he will be showing a Harry Potter Gringotts goblin-inspired silicone mask.


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Emily Mills

Emily is an aspiring prop maker, sculptor and mould maker who has always had a passion for films and classic movie monsters. She says: “It is my dream to be a part of this incredible form of artistry. I would like to work in the creation of prosthetics and props, with intricate sculpts and advanced mould making.

I am a focused special effects makeup artistry graduate with a first class honours degree. Proficient in moulding techniques, including brush-up, matrix and multi piece moulds. Experienced with a variety of materials, including plaster, GRP systems, urethane systems, condensation cure and addition cure silicones. When making moulds and sculpting pieces, I am extremely neat and bordering on obsessively precise, this is of huge benefit when mould making as a better mould produces a better piece.

I hope to go into the mould making and casting field now I have completed university and would like to further educate myself in a workshop environment.”

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Amber Dearden

Amber is a recent graduate in SFX sculpting, mould making, running and painting prosthetics/props. She says, “From as far as I can remember, I have always been being amazed and also quite terrified of the monsters and creatures I saw on TV and always wanted to have the opportunity to be a part of that magic of bringing these characters to life myself as others did for me.”

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Steffi Berghmans

Steffi studied in Rotterdam where she completed a SFX course and moved to London 4 years ago to pursue her passion in special effects make-up. She is now a national educator in SFX for Kryolan UK and a prop maker for Screenface London.

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Nina Rawlingson

Nina recently completed the BA (hons) Special Effects in TV and Film degree at the University of Bolton and is excited to have this opportunity to showcase her work to people who share the same enthusiasm and passion. She says: “I love sculpting and painting, particularly creature creation. I also completed a Level 3 extended Diploma in Art & Design and enjoy sketching and painting in my spare time. I often use this skill to sketch up any character or creature concepts before sculpting.”

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Lauren Fry

Lauren is a 22 year old special effects trainee with a dream of pursuing a career specialising in special effects makeup. Her passion lies with creating full character makeups, busts and maquettes.

She says: “I love to create characters with depth and story and am naturally drawn to creatures and characters who provoke emotion. After falling in love with movie monsters as a child, it is a dream come true to now be making my own and hopefully in future, contributing to the industry I love so much.”

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Morsa Orum

Morsa Orum is run by Hungarian-born UK-registered dental technician Csongor Szekely-M and is based in Bracknell, Berkshire. Csongor has twenty years’ knowledge and experience in morphology and the technical skills to transform and create original, realistic movie teeth in high-end quality. By following his visions and creative ideas he gives life to new designs using the same materials as your dentist, but in a different, inventive way.

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Helen McKenna

Helen has had a passion for makeup and prosthetics for many years. She started when she was 16 and just carried on learning! She has studied under the professional eyes of Stuart Bray, Neill Gorton and the fabulous makeup artists from Greasepaint. Helen recently studied with Don Lanning, which she counts as her best experience to date.

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Dianne El-Habashy

Dianne is a UK-based special effects trainee who recently graduated with a First-Class Honours degree in Special Effects Make-Up Artistry. This has prepared her with the skills and techniques to be based in a workshop environment, including sculpting, prosthetic design, mould-making, and prosthetic application. Her goal is to pursue a full-time career in special effects, with a long-term dream of owning her own workshop dedicated to making monsters and character creation.

Dianne will be exhibiting a dedication to the Great Barrier Reef, designed to open up the conversation and bring awareness about the damage happening to our oceans and the affect it has on sea life, as a result by human impact and pollution. Made with polyurethane casting resin system (SG2000).

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Freya Hennelly-Levine

Freya of Pretty Ugly Creations is a recent BA graduate in Special Effects Makeup Artistry from UCEN Manchester. The concept of transforming someone’s entire identity and character has always been a huge source of inspiration to her, and her studies have enabled her to discover her passion for mould making, creation, application, sculpting and working with resin.

Freya has worked with Events2scare on various events such as For The Love of Horror Convention and The Walking Dead 100 (promotional stunt in collaboration with Fox TV). She will be exhibiting ‘The Satyr Sorcerer’, a unique woodland character, ‘The Sorcerer’s Staff’ made from individual pieces of driftwood, assembled around a knotted branch, and ‘The Tooth Fairy’, a character that defies expectations of traditional concepts and pushes the boundaries of what makes people comfortable.

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Millennium FX

Millennium is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of prosthetics, animatronics and makeup FX for film, television, music promos, theatre and corporate projects. Recent work includes up-coming films such as Johnny Depp starrer ‘Minamata’ and Catherine Tate’s new comedy ‘This Nan’s Life’, both in post-production, ‘Long Shot’ starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, ‘The Outpost’ starring Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood, ‘Boys from County Hell’, ’Kung Fury’, ‘All is True’ starring Kenneth Branagh and Judy Dench, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s ‘Slaughterhouse Rulez’. On TV they’ve provided prosthetics for ’Year of the Rabbit’, the BBC’s remake of ‘Worzel Gummidge’, HBO’s ‘Watchmen’, ‘Krypton’, ‘Curfew’, ‘Call the Midwife’, ‘Chicago Med’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Red Dwarf’ and ’Tracey Ullman’s Show’ to name only a few.

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